Tyador Blackvyne


Full Name: Tyador Loial Blackvyne

AKA: Ty Blackvyne
Copy 3


A drink? Sure, I never say no. You what? Heard about that have you. Nah, I don’t mind talking about it. Yeah its not the most respectable of jobs being a Bonehunter. People say a lot of impolite things about a man who chooses this line of work. Let alone someone who is dedicated enough to set-up his own company revolving around it. Well. Let them talk and go fuck themselves for the trouble. Like most things at this stage in my life, I couldn’t give a fuck about other people’s opinions. Hell, it seems like an age since I cared about anything except the bottle. Pardon. Bottles. Though it does bother me occasionally the things they say, mostly it’s the stupidity and ignorance, but sometimes it hits a nerve.

Graveraider, Corpse-shambler, Necroviolator, DeadHead

They also say I… you know.. interfere, but fuck them, there are plenty of fresh whores in this city. Although, you do here rumours about some of the other DeadHead’s down there…What? Yeah, okay hypocritical I know, but hell, its okay to say it when you’re in the profession. Like the nicknames whores have for eachother that would normally get you slapped if you say it out loud. What do you mean which names? I ain’t saying them in public… Man has boundaries ya know.

But yeah, names. They only hurt when some of the educated, respected few in this city say somethings that can actually sting. Things which actually have meaning: Desecrator, Profaner, or worst Defiler.

I mean, I try to treat the job with respect. But ya know, sometimes desecrating, defiling and profaning is what we have to do… But hey it’s part of the job, and someone’s got to do it. The pay is better than most and for the most part what you find down there isn’t graves, bodies or shrines, it’s just Dust. Ruins filled with Dust. Well, I mean a lot of other stuff too, but mostly just Dust.

How do I go about it? well that’s trade secret, isn’t it? You know, you ask a lot of question. Another? Oh alright then, make it the a double. Thanks. Well, aslong as you’re asking. There ain’t much too it… you get contracts and the like. Some jobs big, some small.
On the big jobs I sometimes pay pay this local cheapside kid, Scroop’s name, to carry some of heavy stuff back with me. Hell, sometimes I hire him even when its not heavy just on the Good kid. Thick as shit, but he works cheap and doesn’t talk much. You can see the benefits right?

I’ve considered setting up something bigger… If the payments keep coming in like they do. Yeah, I suppose I am getting a bit of a reputation. A crew? Nah, I’ve never considered that. I mean… tha’s less money for assets. Speaking of which, are you going to drink that?

Yeah, I guess a group could pull off bigger jobs down there. They’d have do be skilled though. Would I split the earnings? Sure… More means more for everyone right. Whatsat called? A free-company. That would be the name for it yeah. Blackvyne’s free company!

Guess that is a bit arrogant. Hum, what then, aha! Bonehunters Ltd. What do you mean it can only be limited if people are trading outside stocks. You know, I’m beginning to think you ain’t just some crazy old hermit. Stocks, the fuck’ you talking about boy. You think I should slow down… Nah, don’t worry about it, you ain’t losing me… I’m one of them there functioning types. The drink just helps me get by. I’ll tell you when the sauce starts to hit. You got a light? Thanks

But, yeah.. a name, I don’t rightly know… Would have to be a group decision. Right? Guess, I would need something to start with to get a name going.

The Dusters. Hell, why not, it’s a start. It’ll change no doubt. Why are we even discussing this, I ain’t got the funds to set-up that kind of operation. I don’t even have enough for the next round.

Oh, you’re buying another round? Well I won’t say no. In fact I’ll say make it another double
What makes me the best? Where the hell did you hear that… I ain’t the best, I think I’m just the most reasonably priced. But, yeah I guess I have acquired a lot of unique skills over the last twenty years.

The swords, they’re mainly just for show. I can use em’ alright, one of the skills I picked up. But the Jacket is the real weapon, or rather, whats in it. Bottles of course. Purpose, they have all kinds of purpose. Ha! Well, you’re half right, most of them do have alcohol in of some kind. Keep this to yourself? Okay,well, this one here, this is a bomb. This one can make me grow this much big… No! Not like one of those scam snake oil sexual enhancers… Though I can make that too, and it’d work to boot. Yeah, I make them. Huh… Oh that one? That one is nothing, just Gutrot liquor. The red stopper is just so I know. Look, just stop asking about that one.. it’s the emergency supply.

Huh, what? You want to talk about my background? No, I wasn’t always a ‘Bonehunter’. That’s recent. Before…. well okay, better make that next drink magically into two. Yes damnit, doubles, fucksake, c’mon now don’t get stingy this late in the game. You’re getting the whole story, tears and all.

So. Do you want to know about the bottles or how I feel in love with the Bottle Well, let’s the first is simple. My pa’ was an alchemist and he taught me a thing or two. Nope, no big story there I know. Sorry to disappoint. But sometimes, skills are just passed down in a very mundane way. I mean, I’ve surpassed him, but learning at the start, pa’ taught me everything. I’ve picked some more stuff up here and there. But that’s trade secrets, you’ll allow me the professional courtesy.

So the other B and how I became an investigator. Well, I found out my skills were very useful to the city watch. How, you’d be surprised. A lot of lateral thinking and alchemy goes along way. Yep, that’s right… that is how I caught the Bay Side Butcher. Your right it is a stupid name, there isn’t even a by.. Why, you askin’ if you know so much already.. Fair enough, you’re the one buying. Another, sure. Why I joined? I don’t know, back then I guess I liked helping people. What changed? Time, friend, time.

I’d been with the watch ten years. Promoted twice. Ma was proud as anything, Pa wanted me to open up a private business, but I couldn’t bear it, I needed to be out there. Everything seemed normal, well, as normal as you using alchemy to solve crimes and reveal secrets. Everything leaves a trace…I was completly normal then. No scars, figurative or literal. Some might say, I was a completly different man. Had a family, beautiful wife, two sons. Little bastards. No. No, I’m not married anymore, leastways not to Lyra. The boys… Well, yeah thats how I got into the bonehunting business…

Get me my last drink and I’ll tell you. So, I’d been with the watch 10 years, when I started an ivestigation which took me into the deeps. It was routine, ya know, nothing should have gone wrong. The difference was I wasn’t trying to solve a murder this time, kidnapping, not my usual thing, but I was the only one qualified to put the thought in. Bless the guard, but beyond seperating the local barfights and finding the occasional overt killer, they ain’t too good at the real crime solving. So, I’d followed my leads down. Deep Down. What did I find? Well, not the kidnapper, but I found the boys…a bit late… I also found some of those secrets I mentioned. A book actually, old alchemical recipes if you must know. Yeah, it’s why I’m not just preparing love potions anymore. But not finding the boys that was hard.

Yeah, you fuck that is when I started driking. Interrupting like that, asshole. I’m trying to build some tension, some mis-en-fuckin-scene. Sorry. Sorry. It’s your fucking time and you’re paying, so yeah. I started drinking. Not like this though, that happened later. How long later?

Well, kids kept going missing. Sometimes I found them, other times… yeah… just bones. The killer was hiding bodies down there amongst the bodies. Eventually, I worked out who had been doing it. Normal guy it turned out, a tanner from cheapside. How’d I find him? He got sloppy after one of the jobs. I found the latest missing kids before they’d died, and the tanner left Tannin resin, which with the kids report, led me back to him. Yeah… that’s how I got my first scar. Went in eager without help to try and bring him back in. Slice. Quick as anything, cut across the cheek with a Tanners knife. I was lucky he didn’t aim lower, or you’d be talking to a corpse. Well, more of one anyway. But, we struggled for a bit. He had size on me. But I had to take him down. I got desperate. I tried one of my new alchemical secrets. Worked? You bet your ass it worked. I got him. I got him good for all those kids. How did it work? I don’t rightly know, I must have hit my head in the excitement, but when I woke up. The Tanner’s skin was stretched over the rack. Yeah… I must have lost it pretty good. Where was the rest of him? Well, bits of him were about the room, but he’d been alive on the rack when I woke up. He was barely alive and kept staring at me in horror. He was insensible. Scared. It must have been how the kids felt. No… I don’t need another drink now. I’ve had enough

I put him out of his misery. Then left to explain things to the rest of the watch. I was still covered in his blood when I found Lyra at the watch house. That’s right… our kids had gone missing. Both of them. The tanner was gone, so I couldn’t ask him. So I did the only thing I could, I went looking for them. For days I didn’t give up hope. I searched day and night down there, got to know it real intimately. I didn’t sleep. I didn’t need to I had drive, and alchemy. Unfortunately, I also had the The Bottle, at first I thought it took the edge off, but it didn’t, it made me sloppy… Maybe, I would have.. May-..

No. No, I never did find them. Have I stopped looking? Look at me! Do I look like the kind of man who trawls the undercity for his lost children, ten years after they disappeared… That man… would lose everyhing right. His job. His self-respect. His wife.

That man. Well he’d be would be crazy to keep on looking.

Thanks for the stroll down memory lane and supporting the habit of a life time. Be in touch? Sure. Why not. You already heard about the best side of me. Of course there is another side.

C’mon Scroop, help me back to the office. What the hell do you mean, ’I’m not Scroop.’ By fuck you are, if I say so. Yep. This is one drunk-fucked up old Bonehunter right here. Was I shouting? No, don’t worry Scroop.

Let them talk.

Tyador Blackvyne

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