Client Vector Jack ; Nigh Truthseeker

A Clever Jack Who Rides The Lightning


Client is an older gentleman who wears his years well. His hair is short and practical, black with a white badger stripe that ends in a whipped up forlock and is matched with a black and grey beard. His eyes are autumn and hold all the experience of that season.

His attire is simple travelling gear which is often matched to his environment. Dark grey and heavy for travelling through the Black Riage , white and light for the unrelenting heat of the plains and finally a tight and black shirt and trousers for blending through Ba-Adenu forests; or whatever other environment he might have cause to hide in. For social occasions he tends to favour darker greens in the evening. He does not hold much with special events and his formal wear is often just cleaner variations of his adventuring gear.

The only thing that stands out is his silver mask which he returned from across the after his first journey. Acting as some kind of light armour in battle, the mask never actually retains any sign of damage. It has the appearance of a reflective death-mask and can often seem like a mirror when caught in the right light. Client_Mask.png


Client Vector Jack ; Nigh Truthseeker

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